3) Mabon Prep- Crafts

One of the easiest ways to introduce anything to young children is though arts and crafts.  So probably on Friday or maybe Saturday after we eat, I have 3 crafts planned!

The first craft will be adding a menu item in addition to the craft itself.  2 Witches in a Box are holding a corn dolls competition and we will be participating.  So we will be adding corn to our menu and using the husks to make some awesome corn dolls!

Photo courtesy of Google image search and Wikipedia

The next craft we are going to do is a craft I used to do at summer camp with out any religious significance.  The God’s Eye.  On the off chance someone HASN’T made one (you poor, deprived soul!) it is 2 equal length sticks that have yarn wrapped around them.  Since I have to buy them already I think I will be using cinnamon sticks because it’s 1) a great tie in to the season, 2) it will smell really good and 3) it just sounds like a cool idea!  As a crocheter, I already have the yarn so this is a cheap project too!

Photo courtesy of Google Image search and the Girl Scouts, who I’m pretty sure I made them with when I was little!

God’s eye is a great craft for the equinox because with the equal arms the represent balance and the 4 points can represent the Solstices and Equinoxes.  They can be made in any color allowing it to correspond to any season, time or occasion.  They can also be seen as a last homage to the Sun God at his last time of strength over the night.

Our final craft will be pine cone, peanut butter, bird feeders.  They allow us to give back to nature and make an awesome offering.  A simple yet profound way to say thank you!  And Monkey loves birds so anything that keep them around will make him happy!

I really looking forward to Saturday and getting more excited as I go!

Blessed Be! )O(

P.S. All photos are generic photos I found online.  I promise I will post pictures of our actual food and actual crafts a day or 2 after the Equinox!


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