Random Creativity and the Tea Song

This morning while making my magical tea (it hasn’t been daily but I’ve been trying) a blessing flew into my head.   I tweaked it a little bit then added music and out of no where I had a tea blessing song!

Bless the Fire

That heats the Water

That steeps the Earth

And creates the Air

It has a tune but I don’t know/think it matches another song but a quick search on my computer produced a sound recorder.  Now, this was recorded on my computer microphone so there is a lot of white noise and I think Butterfly can be heard in the background at one point but it gives you the song.

The Tea Song:

Blessed Be! )O(

P.S. I have a bunch of pictures from Mabon that I will be posting soon.  I would have done it sooner but I’ve been too lazy.  Figuring how to get that song on here took a while and exhausted my “messing with the interwebs” reserve so it won’t be today! 🙂



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