Samhain and Future

Butterfly got a tiger suit for Samhain!  Yes, I know this is a bad picture but you can still see her cuteness.  She didn’t actually wear this on Samhain though because she had been wearing it early and got it dirty in the diaper area.  Jason had said he wished she could wear it all the time because of how cute she looks in it. 🙂

There wasn’t really anything to our Samhain night this year.  I had to work.  It was also our 1 year wedding anniversary!  We said Happy Anniversary several times and that was about it.  We are simple people.  Butterfly didn’t go trick-or-treating but Monkey’s dad did take him out for a little while.  Monkey was a last minute zombie and had a blast.  We enjoyed his candy!  Next year I will make sure to get the night off so we can do it bigger and better.

On the Saturday before, we did go to a friend’s house and carve pumpkins so we had some decorations.  Butterfly liked the pumpkin goop more than Monkey did. 🙂

Yule will be Butterfly’s 1st birthday!  I can’t believe she is almost 1 already.  My little Solstice baby is so amazing and such a miracle I wouldn’t change anything about the last year.  I already have the day off so we will have birthday and Yule fun all in 1 day!  I don’t know what we’re doing for either yet but I will figure it out.  Probably. 🙂

To make sure I don’t have to work on the Sabbats so we can get the most out of them I printed up a list of the dates for 2013 and will be requesting the necessary dates off as in advance as possible.  I already don’t work on Imbolc and got the time approved off for Ostara.  Full and New moons might be more difficult since they happen every month but I’ll figure something out.  I have plans to make!

Blessed Be! )O(


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