Dreamland, Fantasy or Reality?

I started working nights and my husband, Jason, lets me take afternoon naps.  Today during my nap I had a very vivid, very strange dream.

I had just started working with 3 other women who all offered some sort of witchy service.  I don’t remember the services of the other ladies but I read tarot cards.  I was going to be doing a reading for a very close friend of the 3 women.  She was asking about the death of her friend Robert.  I don’t know the exact details but she didn’t believe what she was being told about his death.  As she sat down at my table, a hurricane force wind blew through an open sliding glass door.  I could feel the wind sweep over me and my hair whip across my face.  Pictures were flying off the walls and all of us were scared.  I looked at the other ladies and asked “Does anyone else feel Robert?”  All 4 of them nodded and we knew there was something Robert didn’t want his friend to know.

At that point, Butterfly woke me up so I don’t know what would have happened after that.  But I couldn’t let it end there.  When I got to work, I pulled out my Tarot cards and did a reading on “Dream Robert’s Death”.   Who ever this Robert is/was, if he is real at all, he was a student, a very dedicated student but somewhere along the way he lost his passion for whatever he was studying but continued studying because that was just what he did.  He feels betrayed about some aspect of his death and he is holding on to that feeling of betrayal to stay in our world and not move on.  He is fighting to stay and doesn’t plan on giving up that fight anytime soon.  He seems to be waiting for someone to join him but I don’t see that happening the way he is hoping for.  He seems to be interacting with someone and that person is trying to help him move on but he’s fighting them and their efforts.   Whatever is going on it is not a happy situation for Robert or the person he is interacting with.

I’m not sure what to make of the dream or the reading and don’t know if I want to do anymore readings to get more details.   If this is a real situation and these are real people this doesn’t seem like something I want to get involved with.  This whole thing sounds messy and with strong emotions involved.  But at the same time, if this is real, I was presented this situation for a reason but I have no idea why or what I am supposed to do.  It’s all very disconcerting and that fact that I got such a clear and coherent reading on a person from a dream just make the situation even more strange.  Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Blessed Be! )O(

P.S.  I know this blog has gotten slightly off track from my original purpose and I will be doing my best to get it back on track!  I have a Mabon picnic planned for us so that should be a fun post!  Thanks for sticking with me! 🙂


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