Guest Post: A Catholic Mom

Preface:  I’ve seen several posts recently on WordPress and other pages about people hiding their religious beliefs from people for one reason or another.  Some were tips on how to hide, some were flat out saying don’t hide and some were explaining why they were hiding.  I hid my faith all through out high school and even into adulthood until Monkey was born.  I really wanted my mother to be at his Wiccaning and that isn’t really something you can explain away or hide what it is while she’s there, you known.  This post isn’t trying to tell anyone what to do with their own family.  Every situation is different and you should know your family best, but I thought it would be a good idea to show the other side of the story.  So my amazing Catholic Mommy agreed to write a post for me on her experience of me coming out of the broom closet.

My mom and I at my wedding in my apartment last Samhain/Halloween. Yes that’s her costume, she was a witch, and no the irony is not lost on me!


My daughter is a witch.  My daughter practices Wicca.  However you want to say it, she does not practice the religion she was raised in.  Does this make her a bad person?  Not at this stage.  Will it make her a bad person?  I pray not but only time will tell. 

When Lacey told me that she was a witch I was only a little surprised.  She has always marched to her own drummer.  She has always gone her own way.  I was a little disconcerted because of all the things I heard about Wicca but I have a wait and see attitude about some things.  I was once asked by the mother of a friend of mine on my friends’ conversion from Catholicism to Judaism, how my mother would have felt if I was the one converting.  I answered that I believed that if my mother thought that I very much believed that the conversion was the right thing for me, she would support me.  That is how I feel about Lacey’s choice.  She believes it is right for her.  And that is fine with me.  I may not agree with her choice but I don’t have to agree.  It is her choice. 

I was raised Catholic.  As was her father.  We raised both of our children in our religion of choice.  I am an active Catholic now.  Does it bother me that she does not practice?  No… and yes.  My strong desire is for both of my children to be good people, to care about others and know (and act on) right from wrong.  Does this mean that the only way Lacey can be a good person is to be a practicing Catholic?  No, I do not think so.  (Her father on the other hand, is a completely different story for another time and is most likely rolling over in his grave (as the saying goes.))

The no part – Having been raised in the San Francisco area during the 60s I think of myself as a fairly liberal person.  Lacey is an intelligent person. Free to lead her life as she sees fit.  I do not need to approve of whatever religion she wants to follow.  She does not need my permission. From what I have seen she is not harming herself or her children. She has to know that if I thought she was harming anyone, I would certainly say something.   Her husband is also an intelligent person who is free to think what he wants and at this stage of her life, he is more important  than I am.  She is not pushing her views on me or her brother (not that he would listen very well – too much like his father.)

The yes part – Wicca is very controversial.  As I know the Catholic Church was also at one time.  Those who can find evil in everything will spend hours preaching against it.  Connecting it to Satan and other things.  Does it worry me?  Yes, a little.  I have faith in my daughter.  I have faith (regardless of any religion) that she will continue to act as a good person. 

Lacey is a good person.  She is a good mother.  She has the makings of being a good wife (in my opinion she needs to work on the cooperation and comprise parts .)  She is intelligent. She is a caring person.  These are statements that I proudly make about my daughter regardless of what religion she follows or what gods she worships.  I love having her in my life and I LOVE HER very much.

I love my mom!

Blessed Be! )O(


  1. SR

    Spoken like a true mother. God Bless, SR

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