Lesson’s from someone else’s tree

Ran across this post and thought it made some very good points. As a Wiccan parent, I want my children to be attuned to the spirits of nature and the ones we see on a regular basis should be a large enough part of our lives that if something happens to them it saddens us. However, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and it’s our job to at least look for the reason. Sometimes it’s easier than others, like with this tree, but getting into the practice of finding the positive in the little tragedies can make it easier to find them in the big tragedies. Plus, recycling!!  All that beautiful wood is being used and in wonderful ways! Even if my children don’t grow up to be Wiccan or Pagan, these are the lessons I want them to learn: look for the reason in the bad, respect the world around as a beautiful and sacred thing and recycle.

Blessed Be )O(

P.S. Bob the Builder is helping teach Monkey all about recycling! 🙂

Pagan Quest

Busy weekend about to get started.  A couple of days ago I was given a gift that was also linked to a rather tragic event.  On the side of my house there is a huge Japanese Loquat tree.  The fruit of this tree is small and orange, pear-shaped, and tastes like a cross between a pear and an apricot.  The tree had three main sections splitting off and towering up to the top of my two-story house.  I noticed earlier in the week that there were some brown leaves in one area, and was planning on pruning the dead branches away.  Two days ago however, the entire middle section of the tree broke and fell to the ground.  The leaves and branches were mostly still green and alive, with the exception of the brown ones I mentioned earlier, and the main trunk of this section was still half-way connected to…

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  1. I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine award! Enjoy! http://wp.me/p179ny-iy

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