Daily Tea

Yesterday, while catching up on my reading I ran across this blog post by Ariadne.  She talks about different types of daily practices and her last suggestion is tea time.  I LOVE tea!  Yes, the all caps was required for that. 🙂  I usually have at least 2 cups of tea a day anyways but I never considered transferring it from a mundane occurrence to a spiritual occurrence.  This is something that not only appeals to me but is really easy for me to incorporate into my daily life.  So I did.  This morning I brewed my morning cup of tea, got dressed (slightly important for leaving my apartment) and, without shoes, took my cup outside.  Monkey came with me as did Leah the Dachshund.

I sat on the grass and inhaled.  Everything slowed down.  Monkey was still running around like the crazy monkey he is with the dog right behind him but it didn’t destroy the peace, it added a sweet energy to it.  With the fresh cut grass under my bare feet and a hot cup of tea in my hands, everything was right in my world.  As I sipped, I could feel myself open up to the Universe and feel serenity spread through my soul.  It was simple and yet so wonderful.    I felt the connection to everything that I have been looking for and have found before in some of my work.

What surprised me was that it came so easily!  When I felt it before I was deeply mediating or in the middle of a very involved ritual.  The fact that something so profound can come from something so simple amazed me.  I’m starting to think part of my “sticking to it” problem is that I’m trying too hard to do too much.  My life is hectic and money is tight so the elaborate rituals I used to do or take part in aren’t really practical right now.  The Litha walk we took and the energy we raised yesterday were also both very simple and very spiritual and done without a lot of forethought or supplies.  I need to slow down and take this one step at a time.  Wicca with my family is completely different from Wicca by myself and I need to rethink my plan and goals.  It’s amazing what you can discover by focusing the right way on the right thing!

This mug was given to me recently by a good friend and seemed like the perfect mug for magical tea. Especially since I hadn’t used it yet.

Blessed Be! )O(


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