Brody Bivens: prayers, healing and hope.

I went away but we will come back to that.

I am part of a wonderful group of mothers whose children were all born around the same time as Butterfly.  One of the mothers has a little boy named Brody Bivens, who is only 19 days older than Butterfly and has mitochondrial disease.  I’m not going to go into what that is, you can Google it, but he has a very aggressive form.  He has been fighting this disease since the day he was born and sadly it is looking like, for now at least, the disease is getting the upper hand.  All of our group has been praying and doing everything we can to help given the fact that we are spread out all over the globe.  Brody and his family are currently in Indiana, where they moved just so he could get the best treatment possible.  He is currently in the running to be part of an experimental treatment program and so while we are praying for strength and health we are also praying that he gets into the program.

The kids and I decided to send some healing energy to Brody so we cleaned the living room, pulled out a candle and grabbed the wand.  I wanted to do this as quickly as possible so I used what I had on hand.   I used a small white taper candle, the protection oil I bought for Butterfly and I adapted her protection spell into a healing spell.

First we cast the circle,

“Circle cast three times around

Into the sky and through the ground 

Protect those who gather here

From all doubt, worry and fear 

Fill us with hope, love and light

As we send healing and the will to fight”

Next we anointed the candle and said the spell,

With candle flame burning bright

Heal Brody Bivens, both day and night

By light and love, many days shall he see

Healthy always, So mote it be”

Finally we danced.  We danced until our feet were on fire and our muscles throbbed.  We danced until our hearts sang and the room hummed with our energy.  We drew energy from the Earth and the Sun and we danced in the glory of the Universe.  When we couldn’t dance any more we threw our arms in the air and we sent all that healing energy to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana,  Critical Care Unit; to Brody Bivens, saying the spell again.

I will ask that you pray or send energy or simply light a candle for this amazing boy and his family who need everything they can get.  I could not imagine losing my child and even with Butterfly’s heart condition and open heart surgery the risk, the reality of that possibility is never as real for me as it is for this mother.  Abby, if you read this, we love you and we think about you guys everyday.  Brody, you are amazing and strong and you can beat this. For more information on Brody and his fight, you can check out his Facebook page.

Blessed Be )O(

P.S. We are also writing to the Ellen Show to see if there is anything they can do for this family.


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