Planning and Spell Writing

So we have 2 event coming up that I want to get some sort of plan for.  We have the New Moon an July 18th and Lammas on July 31st.  I will go into Lammas more later but since the New Moon is happening sooner we will focus on that for now.

I want to do a simple but thorough saging of my apartment.   I haven’t actually ever saged this apartment so it really, REALLY needs it.  I had planned on doing this on the last New Moon but I feel asleep on the couch after dinner…apparently I do that a lot.  Anyways, the New Moon is on a Wednesday and I work on Wednesdays so we will have to do it after I get off work.  I think in order to make sure I stay awake I will go to bed extra early on that Tuesday and drink a large cup of Chai tea (coffee is icky) about an hour before I get off work.  Hopefully we will get this done!

The way I was taught to sage a home or apartment is you make sure you clean out all the nooks and crannies, i.e. closets, cabinets and drawers as well as getting EVERY possible entry way for energy.  This includes outlets, shower heads, internet or cable outlets, phone jacks, as well as the obvious doors, windows and chimney.  Once the sage smoke purifies the entry we will also be drawing pentagrams with the wand to help seal out and negativity.  That’s going to be a lot of pentagrams to cover all the outlets and everything else!  Except the windows.  I bought Monkey some window crayons so we will use those to draw actual pentagrams on the windows.

It’s also a good idea to bless and charge the sage with your intent.  Sage is naturally a cleansing and purifying herb but a little extra boost is always a good idea.  So I just need to make sure I have what I need.

Wand to draw pentagrams: Check

Sage: Pretty sure I have but will have to make sure

Bowl to hold sage while it’s burning: Check, I have a glass bowl that I painted and has been blessed the normally holds water

Water: Check, I have a faucet with unlimited water!

Athame to bless water and sage: Check

Nifty rhyming spell to make sure everything is good and clean: Ummm, not so much.  That is my goal for the next couple of days, to write that up!

Blessed Be! )O(


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  1. 2 Witches in a Box

    Wow, you got me thinking there. I’ve never smudged the cable lines coming in or the shower heads.. Yes, in the area of, but not visualizing that particular item. Good food for thought there for sure!

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