Full Moon of My Dreams

We stood bathed in moonlight, surrounded by trees and rocks and candles and air.  We could see the beautiful, silver Full Moon shining down upon us.  All around us we could hear the crickets sing and smell wildflowers sweet in the air.  We could feel the meadow grass beneath our feet and between our toes as we tasted summer in the warm breeze.  Summer was everywhere and my family glowed!

Starting in the East we raised our eyes and arms to the sky, Monkey raising the wand that fascinates him.  With my husband, Jason, holding Butterfly, I use both of my hands to call out, “Watchtower of the East, Guardians of Air, fly to us on wings of intellect and grant us your presence on this Full Moon night.  Hail and welcome.”  As Jason helps Monkey draw a pentagram in the air I light the Air candle where it sits on flat part of a rock in our circle.

Turning to the South, I say, “Watchtower of the South, Guardians of Fire, come to us on flames of passion and grant us your presence on this Full Moon night.  Hail and welcome.”  Jason and Monkey draw a pentagram and I light the Fire candle.

At the West point, “Watchtower of the West, Guardians of Water, flow to us on rivers of emotion and grant us your presence on this Full Moon night.  Hail and welcome.Pentagram, light the Water candle.

Walking to the North I call out, “Watchtower of the North, Guardians of Earth, grow up to us on stems of strength and grant us your presence on this Full Moon night.  Hail and welcome.Jason and Monkey draw the final pentagram and I light the Earth candle.

We return to the center of the circle and reach directly to the Moon. “Goddess of the Moon, Blessed Mother, Vessel of life.  We welcome and thank you for the gift of life.  As you are Full, so is the Earth and the season and our family.  Join us as we celebrate you and your blessings.  Hail and welcome!”  I light the Goddess candle on the altar then pick up my athame.  Holding Monkey’s hand we walk around the edge of the circle pointing our tools at the rocks that create our circle.   “Blessed circle, drawn thrice around.  Through the air and into the ground.  Protect all those here within, let the magic time begin.  Circle round one times three, Circle round So mote it be.”  We complete the  circle with 2 more revolutions and place our tools on the altar.

Behind the altar we sit on the damp grass and place Butterfly on a blanket with her feet hanging off the edge onto the grass.   Feeling the connection to the Earth we reach back towards the Moon and I call out “Goddess of the Moon, in the dark of night, You shine down upon us and bathe us in Your light and love. I ask You, O Divine One, to honor us by joining with us, and allowing us to feel Your presence within our hearts.” [1]  As the moon shines down on us, I pick up Butterfly and the four of us dance in a circle as I sing the Full Moon Song from Circle Round © 2000 Serpentine Music Productions.  

When we feel the energy and light of the Moon has filled us we bless some water to keep in our home and bless each other with it right away.  I release the Circle, singing, “May the Circle be open but not broken, may the peace of the Old Ones be ever in our hearts.  Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again”.  We bid farewell to the Goddess and the Elements, thank them for their presence and extinguish their candles. 

As we walk back inside, my husband wakes me up from where I had passed out on the couch, tells me it’s after midnight and we go to bed.   Beautiful ceremony.  Never happened!  I didn’t mean to fall asleep on the couch!  But with a 6 month old who doesn’t sleep through the night anymore because of hospital time I guess it’s not too surprising.  Apparently, the hardest part for me to fully practice the way I want to is staying awake!

But dreams can affect the physical plane and this weekend (for me Thursday-Saturday with an extra Wednesday due the holiday) I did feel more energized than normal and had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I’m still going to try and do a home cleansing on the New Moon and we will try again next Full Moon.  Maybe I can find a spot like the one in my dream and turn my dream ritual into reality!

Blessed Be )O(

[1] While looking up Drawing Down the Moon rights I came across the blog earlier and had read through this ritual about 3 hours before I fell asleep.

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