I have nothing interesting to say so I found somebody who does! This is beautiful and empowering!


I am a woman.

I want to be free,

I want to soar in the sky like hawk.

You don’t know.

Creating and protecting

dark and light.

You want fake innocent plastic smiles

from one who creates life and gives bloody birth.

You came from a woman

you are her flesh and blood.

All come from her.

She can destroy and create

it is her power

her choice.

The darkest primal beginnings are of woman.

The chaotic darkness and the light piercing the darkness, creating order, life.

Every woman is a goddess of the great mother, destroyer and lover

Isis, Kali, Aphrodite.

Who are you to tell me the 1950’s houswife ideal of women is right?

You mean servants and whores?

You know nothing.

Woman are a balance of light and dark.

You are a lost child,

You need your mother.

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