Slacker Paganism By Star Foster on Patheos

As a full-time working mom of 2 I love and appreciate this blog post!  I have nothing to add other than it is fantastic!  Here are some of my favorite parts but definitely read the whole thing:

I have given myself permission to half-ass it. It is profoundly helpful and liberating.

What I have done is create an ideal practice consisting of five components: a prayer, meditation, diary, ritual, and another prayer. On an awesome day I will do all five. Maybe even some of them more than once. I will perform these actions mindfully and deeply, gleaning every bit of spiritual mojo from them. I will suck the marrow from the spiritual bone. But let’s face it, life happens. Some days I’ll be lucky to squeeze one or two in, hurriedly and mindlessly. That is ok.

The point isn’t to be perfect and immaculate, but to do the work.

If you keep this up, aren’t too hard on yourself, and do your best, then you’ll be surprised to find these practices you’ve been rushing through, slacking on and half-assing are beginning to come more naturally to you.

And the absolutely best thing ever!!!!

Blessed Be! )O(



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  1. Not what I was looking for but awesome anyway! Good for you!

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