Litha aka Midsummer 2012

I don’t like to get online on my days off as I prefer to spend that time with my kids.  That’s why I’m posting this several days after the summer solstice.  We had a wonderful evening!  The five (including the dog) of us took a walk and left roses as offerings to various plants and rocks.  We had berries and homemade whipped cream that we were supposed to eat outside but we got a late start so my husband and I ate them at home after the kids went to bed.  Simple, sweet and lovely. Hope you and yours had a wonderful day as well!

Happy Butterfly


Monkey playing in the sprinkler

Summer Sun, Summer Sun we watch as you set

Sending your long arms of light from the West

Summer Sun, Summer Sun, you shine so bright

As you begin your return to the night

~Summer Sunset by Anne Hill © 2000 Serpentine Music Productions

Blessed Be! )O(



  1. 2 Witches in a Box

    Oh what a special day it looks like you had. The idea of leaving roses really appeals to me.. I’m always looking for ideas on offerings I can make for the fairy folk out back and this would be a nice idea as well 🙂


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