Daily Devotions

I don’t do daily devotions.  Why?  Because I’m lazy.  No, that’s not really accurate.  I have never done any sort of daily devotions, even as a child growing up in a Catholic home, so it’s more that I never really thought about it.  A new, Pagan friend of mine mentioned daily devotions in her blog and it got me thinking about devotion.  Part of what I am trying to do with my children is show them a true, faith filled life and I don’t think I am really doing that only celebrating the best that we can on the full and new moons and Sabbats.  To be honest I have had a hard enough time just doing those so I don’t really know if I will be able to stick with any sort of daily activity.  Maybe doing daily Wiccan work will help me remember the monthly/seasonal work.

Once deciding to start doing daily devotions I wanted to write my own but I needed inspiration.  So off to Google I went!  Surprisingly I wasn’t able to find many actual devotions.  I found several sites saying why you should do daily devotions and buy this book on daily devotions but very few devotions themselves.  I’m sure several of my Wicca books have devotions but I don’t have them with me right now.  I guess I’m just going to have to be more creative.

Of the two devotions I was able to find, my friend‘s asks for blessings and someone I don’t know‘s welcomes the sun.  I like both of those ideas and came up with something that does both but is simple enough for my 3 year old Monkey to say every day.  I also wanted something that could be adjusted to recognize the Sabbats and the moon phases.  This is what I came up with:

Morning Devotion:

Farewell Moon and Welcome Sun

I welcome this new day with joy and love

May my body, heart, mind and soul be blessed this (Sabbat) day

In the name of the Goddess and God,

So Mote it Be!

Bedtime Devotion:

Farewell Sun and Welcome (Phase) Moon

Merry meet and merry part this day

I thank the Goddess and God for all our blessings

And ask to protect me and mine while we sleep tonight

So Mote it Be

Now keep in mind, these are designed for my 3 year old and for my daughter to say when she is older.  I will probably come up with something more adult for myself later.  These we can start tonight!

Speaking of Wiccan work, I think I will show Monkey my Tarot cards sometime this week.  I have a beautiful deck called the Gilded Tarot that I would love to see his reaction to all of the pictures.  That may just be what we do on the Solstice as well as some sort of goodbye to the Sun at sunset.  With the Butterfly still in the hospital, I don’t want her to miss out on too much fun!

Blessed Be! )O(





  1. witchsbrew


    If you want to expand your devotions, you might think about trying mala beads. I use them daily in my practice, and I find they have improved my concentration, my visualization, and my energy levels. Thy’re super easy to use (and cheap especially if you make them yourself), and I can totally help you out if you want more information.

    Bright Blessings,

    • Growing up Catholic I know of rosary beads and I’m assuming these are the Pagan equivalent. I would love more information. Thanks.

      • witchsbrew

        No problem! I think CharmingPixieFlora on Youtube has a really good explanation you could check out.

  2. 2 Witches in a Box

    This is a really pretty devotion your wrote for the kids..

    Did you ever find the information you were looking for on the Mala beads? I have made a set of Pagan Prayer beads that I ended up turning into a bracelet that I could keep with me wherever I was – a lot of my family members are of other religious beliefs so I wanted to have something that wasn’t obviously Pagan so that I could bring them anywhere I went.

    But I find, as well as even with daily devotions, that life in general rolls me over and too much time ticks past (and I’ve forgotten to work with them). I’m wondering how you made out with the Mala?

    • I actually haven’t taken the time to really look into them. I try really hard not to get online on my days off and it’s really hard to watch videos while at work. I think after the kids go to bed tonight I’ll watch the video and I’ll let you know! 🙂

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