Random Hospital Thoughts

Butterfly had her surgery and it went amazingly well.  She is also recovering super fast and expecting discharge faster than we were told to expect.  So thankful to everyone who prayed, sent healing energy and lit candles!

She is sleeping now and I am in the hospital with her being bored on the internet.  I stumbled on a Wiccan meme blog called F Yeah Wiccan Raven!  It’s keeping me entertained.  And it makes me want to watch Practical Magic.   Things like that always make me want to watch Practical Magic.  Especially pictures like this one from a Patheos blog:

So, since I have Netflix I think I am going to watch Practical Magic.   Maybe tomorrow I will do something productive and do some Solstice planning since that is happening in a few weeks.  But for now, fun and folly!  Woo sah!!  Hope everyone has a good week and a blessed Solstice!

Blessed Be )O(

Butterfly’s foot has never been this pink before! Thank the Goddesses and Gods for skilled surgeons!


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