In just 2 days we leave for Aurora.  On June 6th, my 5 month old daughter will have a complete physical, a chest x-ray, a sedated echo cardiogram and blood work.  Assuming she is the amazing, healthy little miracle I know she is she will then be having open heart surgery on June 7th.  As much as any parent can, I am preparing myself and my family.  As much as any parent, I am dreading this Thursday with every fiber of my being.  It helps that she is extremely healthy considering her condition but nothing is going to make this easy.

Butterfly on the day she was released from the hospital after her heart catheterization in March.

Every night and every morning until Thursday I will be lighting a candle for my Butterfly asking the Universe to protect her and watch out for her during the surgery.  Any prayers or good vibes or candle lights any one is willing to offer up for my girl will be greatly appreciated.

With candle flame burning bright

Protect my daughter day and night

By light and love, many days shall she see

Safe always, So mote it be

(Because I’m not dumb enough to leave a candle burning unattended):

Though the candle goes out the protection remains

Holding all the light and love that the Universe contains

P.S. There are other children who also spend too much time in the hospital.  Here is a little boy who could also use some prayers and good vibes.  Brody

Blessed Be! )O(



  1. Hi, so I am not quite sure whats wrong! But may the Gods and Goddess protect your family! Blessed be!

    • Thank you! She went through surgery beautifully and it’s a huge relief! Blessed be!

  2. I followed your blog.

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