Future world, current kids.

This post doesn’t have to do with my children, per se, but the world I would like my kids to live in.

I read a story earlier today about a Wiccan who is discriminated against in her hometown to the point of verbal and written threats to her and her family!  Her area also has a National Day of Prayer event and when she called the organizers they said it was for Christians only even though the website says it is opened to all faiths.  I don’t know why she called them and brought up the issue but she did but she went to the event anyways.  However, this post is not about the original letter but about one of the comments.  This comment, copied and pasted verbatim, in its entirety is what I want to talk about:

“Let me preface my comment by saying I am a pagan with an old testament slant.I have studied demonology and angelology. I believe strongly that the Nature energy controls much of life and a Divine God or Goddess energy controls the rest. With a little guidance humans can tap into those energies to somewhat control our individual outcomes. With that said I want to know why many Wiccans or Pagans want to shout at the roof tops about their beliefs. This behavior is akin to a child jumping up and down saying “look what I can do”, pay attention to me! Last I looked pagans where the quiet ones living their lives in private at least that was how it was when I was younger. We know we are the true blessed ones, we will inherit the planet when all else crumbles to dust. I believe the more attention our kind begs for, will result in a loss of divine favor. Just remember all pagans reading this, Our God is the Christian God’s Great Grandfather.”

I don’t agree with much of this comment but it made me think.

First off, I in no way believe we are “the true blessed ones”.  Saying that is no better than Christians who say everyone else is going to hell for disagreeing with them.  As far as I am concerned, there is no one true path.  Religion is a deeply personal thing and it is up to every individual to find what they believe and follow it.

I have found that many Pagans end up talking about their religion all the time for awhile after they “come out of the broom closet” either because they get asked a lot of questions or they are so proud of their new ability to talk about it that they can’t stop.  To a certain extent, I feel this is OK but if you don’t eventually “grow” out of this you will be like this commenter said : “a child jumping up and down saying ‘look what I can do, pay attention to me!'”  This gets old very fast and hopefully most people get over this phase quickly.  I do not start every conversation with “I’m a Wiccan” or “In my Wiccan opinion”…anymore at least.  In high school, when I was first learning who I was, I did, partly because I was trying to get comfortable with the idea growing up Catholic.  Now that I have been practicing for a number of years I will answer questions that arise but I don’t go out of my way to make the point known.

My primary issue with this comment is that the author states “the more attention our kind begs for, will result in a loss of divine favor”.  I do not believe the author of the original story was begging for attention.  She was discriminated against in a very real way and was bringing that discrimination to light.  Most Pagans I know are the “quiet ones who live their lives in private” but when there is an injustice it is our duty to bring it to light.  If no one talks about discrimination nothing can be done to fix the problem.  The original story is not about the author’s beliefs but  specific events that need to be talked about in order to at least try and prevent them from happening in the future.  And I don’t think we will lose divine favor for bringing such instances to light.

I want my children to live in a world where there truly is equality for everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other silly reason people come up with to be jerks to others.  I know that this is a very long shot but the more we talk about ending discrimination of any kind the better our odds are that it will, one day, end.  I don’t ever want my child to be ashamed of who or what they are.

Blessed Be! )O(


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