Butterfly’s Wiccaning

Well, that was interesting.  It wasn’t the simple, beautiful ceremony I imagined.  It was a fun time though, except for the wind.  My husband might need a lesson or two on the meaning of the word respect.  He is all science so I knew his heart wouldn’t be in the ceremony but I had hoped that his love for me would at least get his head into it.  I think that might have been a timing issue since he started the BBQ before the ceremony so he was worried about the coals the whole time.  The spot wasn’t the best either.  We picked a small area in a local park that was pretty but on a hill.  The whole park is a hill and I picked the least hilly spot I could find.  And the wind!  Oh, in the names of all the Goddesses and Gods, the wind!! Everything blew over at least twice!  I forgot the table I was going to use so we were set up on the box in the grass…

Even with all that went differently than how I had planned or envisioned it to be but the job got done.  I fell much better about Butterfly having her open heart surgery.  I know I can’t protect her from everything and as a I am not a doctor, There is nothing I can do to protect her while she is in the operation but there are somethings I can do.  I can get her to the best Children’s Hospital in the area and I can ask the Universe and my Gods to protect her.  The hospital part is taken care of and today I was able to get the protection taken care of.  We laughed, we loved on Butterfly and Monkey helped cast the circle again.  Over all I’m happy.  Detailically (is that a word?) I could be happier but I’m not totally disappointed either.  My girl is protected as best as I can do and really, that is all that matters.

On a side note, I need a yard.  Having a space to do outside ritual will make these things go much smoother.  Requirement for moving: must have a good yard space!

Blessed Be! )O(

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