Reading all the way through

Last weekend my children and I went to the local metaphysical store to get supplies for my Butterflies Wiccaning.  While there we browsed through their book section and I found My First Little Workbook of Wicca by Rev. Velvet Rieth – Lightning Source Incorporated (2007)!  I had looked for Wiccan coloring books before for my Monkey and hadn’t been able to find anything and got really excited when I found this.  They call it a workbook because while it is basically a coloring book it’s designed to be educational, so it has pagan-themed pictures for the alphabet, numbers and seasons as well as traceables and pattern recognition and things of that nature.  I didn’t look through it a lot at the store just enough to get excited, buy it and bring it home.

This morning Monkey brought me the book and his crayons and we started flipping though it.  That was how I found MY favorite part.  In the back of the book are several pages of parent-guided activities and party themes.  In all reality, these are pretty simple ideas and I even knew and forgot some of them.  What I really liked about it is the simple creativity of the ideas and how the book ties them into Wiccan principles.  When we do some of the crafts I will post pictures.  I am really looking forward to a lot of these crafts!

Blessed Be! )O(


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