Oh. Yeah. The Fairies!

Sometimes the Butterfly, 4 month old girl, will stare at the blank wall or the ceiling and smile and reach for something.  The Monkey, now 4, used to do it too.   Then I remembered, the house fairies!

When I got my first apartment, I was so excited to have my own space away from my Catholic parents’ home to practice Wicca.  I did a lot more back then with the Sabbats and the Moon cycles.  I also interacted occasionally with the house fairies that also lived in my apartment.  If treated with respect, house fairies can be very helpful and friendly companions.  I invited the fairies to stay with me provided they were good fairies who didn’t try any mischief.  I found out that is the important concept with fairies.  It’s the mischievous fairies that steal your keys or 1 silver earring.  If any non believers out there think I’m crazy, I promise I’m not.  Just think of it this way, I have a vivid imagination.

That first apartment was the only one that I invited the fairies to stay and interacted with them.  I’ve noticed them at my current place do more to my children’s interaction with them than with my own.  What I’m going to do is a “Welcoming” ritual to invite them to stay and to make sure only good fairies are hanging out at my place.  I put welcoming in quotes because really the fairies are already there I’m just letting them know I appreciate them and that I’d like them to stay and to get rid of any potentially mischievous fairies.  With fairie rituals the wording is very important so this one will have to be planned and written out.  I’m thinking I’ll get a small bowl and some shiny rocks for them to discourage them from taking our shiny things!

Blessed Be!



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