The Full Moon that started this adventure…

Several days ago my husband told me that on the night of 5/5/12 we were going to have a super full moon.  The Wiccan in me became very excited.  The very busy, full time worker and mom became a little stressed that I hadn’t known about it before and had nothing planned.  You see, I have a lot of excuses as to why I haven’t been steadily practicing and recognizing the moon cycles and the Sabbat and Esbats.   I am so busy with work, I don’t have time to plan anything, I don’t have the money or time to get the supplies I need, etc. etc. etc.  However, with all these excuses, I now have 2 very good reasons to not make excuses.  My 2 amazing children!  So I decided that even if I had nothing planned that I would take my family outside and do… something with them.  So outside we went.

Both of my children have pentagram pendants that are kept in their bags to protect them.  Since I couldn’t come up with anything else I decided to do a simple Drawing Down the Moon ritual and recharging their pendants.  As soon as I pulled down the wand my 3 year old son got excited.  He new something special was going to happen and I think he knew he would get to participate.  The yard outside our apartment is on a hill so I didn’t want to bring any candles outside on the grass.  It was a very warm, bright night so all we did was wrap the baby in a light blanket, grab the pentagrams, wand and some rose water and troop outside with out even needing shoes!

Once outside, we settled the baby on the grass and started the ritual.  Calling the Quarters, the God and Goddess and casting the Circle was unplanned but I used to do that regularly when I started practicing and it came easily to me.  My son insisted that he hold the wand through this entire process so I showed him how to hold his hands during the Call and moved his hand in the drawing of the pentacle in the air.  I carried him around the Circle during the casting.  Then, it came time to cleanse and bless ourselves with the rosewater.  I started with him then helped him bless myself, the baby and my husband.  He loved participating and helping out.

We Drew Down the Moon, filling the wand and ourselves with the light and power of the amazing and beautiful full moon.  Using the rosewater and the power stored in the wand we cleansed, blessed and charged the children’s pendants.  After that, we bid farewell and released the God, Goddess and Quarters and drew the Circle back up into the wand.  We offered some ice cubes to the Earth as a thanks and went back inside.  The kids went to bed.  That was the end of that magickal night.

While the ritual was simple and unplanned, it was very powerful and something about it touched me.  I was filled with a confidence in myself, my family and my magick.  It made me want to get more involved and become more regular in my practice of Wicca.  I’m hoping this wonderful feeling will stay with me and I hope that I can share this feeling with my family.  Until next time .

Blessed Be!

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  1. Well I truly enjoyed reading it. This post offered by you is very constructive for accurate planning.

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